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The X2 Vest can help you lose the
unwanted pounds safely and effectively.

Maximizes your current fitness program.
Strengthens your core muscles & improves spinal bone density.

The X2 vest maximizes your activities or current fitness program. Strengthens your core muscles and improves spinal bone density. In numerous research studies, where a weight vest was used, significant data has been produced to indicate that the weight vest improved spinal bone density. This is great news to 9.4 million women in the US suffering from osteoporosis. For those who have tried it all, this is the answer.

How it works: Your body is acclimated to your weight and it burns calories based on weight, exercise, duration and intensity. When you add weight to your body, more muscles are recruited to support the function of moving the added weight; in turn more calories are burned to support the muscle action. A properly weighted vest will intensify any activity or exercise, increasing the metabolic rate. Thus, you can double your RESULTS and BURN more calories in the same amount of time, making any workout more effective.

Uses: Walking, Running/Jogging, Daily Activities, Weight / Apparatus Training, Yoga, Aerobic & Strength Conditioning (2 workouts in 1), Cardio & Core Strengthening - Twice the benefits, Twice the Results… without changing or altering your current exercise routines. Examples of ex`ercises.

The X2 , the next generation weight vest from Xtreme Worldwide Athletic Equipment, Inc. The company that introduced the run-away best fitness product, the original weight vest, the Xvest, designed for the serious fitness-minded. Used by Major Pro sports teams and demonstrated by “Today Show” host, Katie Couric and “Today Show” Fitness Expert, Kathy Kaehler. The X2 is featured on upcoming Oxygen TV segments in January 2006 and a major training tool on the challenge. The X2 is easier, safer, more effective and enables you to achieve desired results faster. And for the exercise-time challenged, this is a major plus.

Features: easy to use, adjustable (the fit and weights), Lighter material, simply wearing the vest around gives you all the benefits and delivers more efficient, safer training. Safe for all ages, women & men. You can use in the gym, outdoors or even just around the house during normal activities. Just wearing it is a workout. You can burn 70% more calories using the X2.


Usage of the X2 Vest
  • Walking
  • Running/Jogging
  • Daily Activities
  • Aerobics
  • Weight / apparatus training
  • Yoga
  • Enhance your exercise routines
  • When wearing the X2, you train Aerobic & Strength Conditioning *(2 workouts in 1)
  • Cardio & Core Strengthening.


Safe for All Ages, Women and Men

How does it work?
The X2 allows you to add weight to your core in one-pound increments. By adding weight to your body you are increasing gravity making it more difficult to move. By making even basic movements or motions more difficult your body requires more muscle fibers to be called into action thus requiring more calories to be burned to support the muscle actions.

Can I burn more calories & lose weight?
If you weigh 180 lbs. And you jog for one hour, your body will burn 540 calories. Adding 20 lbs. (total 200 lbs.) and jogging for one hour will burn 635 calories, approximately 20% more calories. You also benefit from “Afterburn”, accelerated consumption of calories for up to 36 hours post exercise.

Is the X2 right for older women?
Absolutely, as a matter of fact the X2 should be a staple in your exercise or wellness program. Being a women you are at a high risk for bone density loss (osteoporosis) especially in the spine and hips, 9.4 million women in the USA have osteoporosis and another 16.8 million are below normal bone density. In numerous research studies, where a weight vest was used, significant data has been produced to indicate that the weight vest improved spinal bone density.

Will it injure my joints?
The X2 is extremely safe; the weight you are adding to your body is supported by your skeletal system and muscular structure and is distributed over a large area of your body. Numerous professional and collegiate athletes use the vest as do many hospitals and rehab clinics.

What is the health benefit of using the X2 Vest?
Besides from weight loss, wellness and overal fitness improvements, studies have showed that using the Xvest is beneficial to women in helping reverse the effect of Osteoporosis.



“I love this vest. The moment it went on my body I knew this was something that would become a key-part of my own training as well as the training that I provide to my clients. I loved it so much that I had to share it with Katie Couric. This is a great way to improve your existing workouts or create completely new ones just by wearing the X2!"

Kathy Kaehler
NBC’s Today Show fitness expert and celebrity trainer to such notables as Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford, Rob Lowe, Claudia Schiffer and others.


As a personal trainer for over 14 years, I've worked with athletes and actors, superstars and super moms. I've used every tool and every toy in the gym. The X2 is an outstanding training aid and is a must. From a fitness standpoint, the X2 will benefit even the casual exercise participant, as its uses are only limited by your imagination. I've used many different weight vests, the X2 is clearly my top choice because of its superior fit and comfort.”

Gunnar Peterson NSCA-C.S.C.S., ACE-C.P.T.
"Trainer to the Stars" is a Beverly Hills-based personal trainer whose clients include celebrities as well as athletes from the NBA, NHL, USTA, and Boxing.


My name is Maren. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, here in Venice Beach, CA. In order to grow and challenge myself, I train with a trainer too. He was the one who turned me on to the XVest. I use the 40 lbs XVest but only with 20 lbs of weight in it. I wear the vest when doing Pull ups and Push ups, to make them more challenging. Then, when doing the same exercises (pull ups, push ups) without the XVest, it seams so much easier and lighter…

Sometimes I wear the XVest when I am rollerblading. I usually ride on the bike- and rollerblade path from Venice Beach all the way to Malibu and back. When rollerblading with the XVest you should see the “Looks” I get…   Ok, I have to admit, it looks almost like I jumped out of a computer game, or as if I am on a mission to save the world or so.

The XVest became for me not only a very functional and unique tool to take my training one step higher (at least), it also is very comfortable to wear, fits tight and last but not least looks great too!

Maren, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor


The only limitations that I’ve found with the X-Vest are that of an incapacitated imagination and lack of courage. Its well thought out design allows unprecedented conformity to the body’s midline. George Morrison completely took into account the unpredictable, chaotic, unstable, and constantly changing nature of competition and life as the body is constantly required to change directions (laterally and rotationally) and speeds while its center of gravity is constantly moving outside of the body’s base of support…a single leg!

It allows you to enhance human movement better than any product out there because it takes into account a constantly changing world and society….it takes into account you and the culture and society that has uniquely shaped your interests and the space, time, and situation you find yourself in. I’ve used about every vest on the market and have experienced a lot of rips, tears, and situations you were limited by.

Take the X-Vest into sand pits/dunes, lakes or pools, hills, playgrounds, bleachers/stairs, and extreme heat…this thing withstands a combination of anything, it flat out rocks! Enhance stability, flexibility, balance, power, and ‘functional strength’ with every movement through multi-directional and speed loadings. It provides my people and me the best opportunity to ‘get better’ anywhere. Thanks a bunch George, what a great investment.

Mark Frens, CSCS, NASM-PES
Owner & President of Functional Fanatical Frenzy
Strength Coach in Minnesota Twins organization (minor leagues)


“It was almost to Easy - I lost 22 lbs. in 4 months – simply wearing the vest with 10 lbs around the office. I did not do any exercises; I was simply - just wearing it. I was amazed!”

D. Gerdes


Proud Supporter of :




Walk this way to a slimmer waistline

'Today' fitness expert Kathy Kaehler tells you how to get started.. Click here to watch the video and read about what they said.

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